All Certificates which issued to Trimax®

Slip resistance fest of floorings (IFA) 2012 PDF-Icon
Slip resistance test offloorings for wet loaded barefoot areas 2012 PDF-Icon
General Building Inspection Certificate of Trimax® 2012 PDF-Icon
Slip Resistance test of floorings 2006 PDF-Icon
Determination of the load bearing capacity and serviceability of Trimax® profiles (KPF) 2005 PDF-Icon
Test Report on groundwater hygiene (Hygiene Institut des Ruhrgebiets) 2005 PDF-Icon
Testing of the fire behaviour of Trimax® with DIN 4102 (FMPA) 2004 PDF-Icon
Phenol index - Examination on the eluate (Analyticon) 1997 PDF-Icon
Determination of the coefficient of friction of Trimax® against steel (BAM) 1996 PDF-Icon
Permitted span for Trimax® profiles (KPF) 1992 PDF-Icon
Expert Report on the subchronic toxicity of Trimax® plastic granulates for fish (IFB) 1991 PDF-Icon