FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions in combination with Trimax®

  1. Will emit toxic fumes while sawing Trimax®
    We recommend that when working in closed spaces to wear a respirator because of the fiberglass parts.
  2. Trimax®is resistant to corrosion in salt water?
    Yes, Trimax® is in salt water corrosion resistant
  3. Can I get Trimax® in other colors?
    Yes, on request we also manufactures Trimax® in your preferred color.
  4. Trimax® is non-slip?
    Yes, Trimax® is slipping. see certificate of professional association.
  5. Trimax®is also for terraces and balconies flooring to use?
    Yes must be used very well for it.
  6. Trimax® is UV resistant?
    Yes, Trimax® is UV-resistant. see the building inspectorate approval.