Recommendations and Working Instructions

Working with Trimax® Profiles, only use hard metal tools.
Only use stainless steel fixing material.

From delivery to preparation and installation, store the material on even ground in bundles held together by strapping.

  • Sawing (longitudinal) and planing the profiles: Always cut two sides opposite each other to avoid internal stress in the plastic material and thus preventing it from going out of shape.
  • To attach small bits and pieces to the profiles you can use steel nails.
  • Equally suited are A2 countersunk-head screws (special long thread wood screws) for example for terraces or jetty surfaces. We prefer this option, also for attaching the profiles to the substructure. We recommend the screw 6 x 60 mm for our 3 x 30 cm plank, and the srew 6 x 80 mm for our 5 x 30 cm plank. Pre-drilling is advisable (in this case with a 3 mm drill). Screwing should only be done with a ratchet.
  • Connecting larger pieces: for example gangplanks and bridges use hexagon head screws or carriage bolts. Take particular care to predrill 2 mm wider in diameter than the screw size. Installing planks longer than 4 m: pre-drill 3-4 mm wider in diameter than the screw size.
    Countersunk-head machine screws and threaded sleeves can be used as well.
  • Additionally, mounting brackets can be used to achieve a higher stability and precision.
  • In high summer the linear expansion of a Trimax® plank is approx. 3 mm per meter.
  • Fixing Trimax® planks with glue is not possible.
  • As it happens with many building and construction materials, there could be an electrostatic charge. To prevent this, you attach metal strips (ALU, VA, V2A or galvanized steel) to our planks 3 x 30 cm or 5 x 30 cm. The metal strips will be fixed at the side of the plank, maximally flush with the surface (approx. 2 cm shorter than the traversing width). The dimensions of the metal strips are 2 x 29 mm or 2 x 49 mm.
    In the upper third of the ALU or metal strips slotted holes are arranged to connect the strips with the planks via VA – special screws, 3.9 x 2.0 mm, with a ratchet.
  • The electrostatic discharge is ensured by placing the ALU – metal strips directly on the metal subconstruction (if you have painted metal, the deduction is not possible).
    Another possibility is to connect the ALU – metal strips with each other by a strand (min 6 mm²) which touches metal (for example also possible with a cable shoe).
  • To attach our grooved or smooth surfaced planks, the screws should be inserted approx. 2-3 cm away from the outer edges on each support, i.e. in the 2. or 3. groove of the 3 x 30 cm/ 5 x 30 cm plank. Installing it this way, the edges cannot bend upwards and the plank will always lay flat.

    Fastening points of a plank on each support/ joist screwed. Regard the max. support distance.
    Fastening points for TRIMAX planks
  • Fundamental piles/stilts for groynes or substructures are inserted into the soil by vibration or injection.

    Should you have any further questions concerning the Trimax® product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of use for:

Front view

Trimax Examples of use for

*We approve a distance of 40cm for a 3 x 30cm plank and 60cm for a 5 x 30cm plank for terrace planking.