Trimax® - the product

different profiles of TRIMAX composite plastic

technically approved,
high grade and
synthetic building material

This synthetic material conquering new markets. Trimax® is a highly versatile composite synthetic and the perfect solution for different functions
... and the forest is protected.


Trimax® is

  • the only recycling plastic material with admission from the building authorities (DIBT-Z-10.9-357) – the static is reliably calculable
  • a fiber-glass reinforced plastic building material
  • internationally approved at Water-, Hydraulic Steel Construction and Landscaping
  • the efficient and beneficial-to-the-environment alternative to impregnate and tropical wood
  • the ideal building material of water-change regions and earth-moving
  • rotting solidly – longer outwearing as domestic- or tropical wood
  • skid-proofed
  • water-repellent and frost-proofed
  • resistant against insects-, fungal- and boring-shell (Teredo Navalis) decay
  • nontoxic for flora and fauna (Hygiene Institution of the Rhine-Region)
  • recyclable – we guarantee the withdrawal and the recycling
  • unlimited in length (limited only by transportation) – other cross sections on Demand
  • simply in maintenance – after building and while utilization as compared to wood there is no need of after treatment like coating or painting


Trimax plastic buidling material in different colours

  • Trimax® does not absorb water and is therefore used successfully for years in horticulture, landscaping and civil engineering.
  • Trimax® is environmentally friendly especially true because it is 100% recyclable.
  • Trimax® is flexible in sizes and lengths. Rectangle, square and round cross-sections are not a problem.
  • Trimax® is produced related to application of different density.